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CRM & ERP Solutions

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management is the technology supported strategy that refers to the people, processes and technology dedicated to gathering, managing, disseminating, leveraging and disposing of information used by an organization. Shivaasha’s CRM solution offers the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio for helping companies integrate, manage and gain value from their business information. Our objective is to enable our customers with right solutions based on their management space. In order to achieve those solutions, and to grow skills and build capabilities, we work closely with those enterprises.

Our CRM systems are preferred because they provide the following advantages:

  • Quality and efficiency
  • Decrease in overall costs
  • Decision support
  • Enterprise agility
  • Customer Attention

Our CRM ensures that You must reach to customers; Customers must return to you…

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Software & Solutions:

Modern day businesses need integration in various facets of their operation. From manufacturing to sales; from purchasing to marketing; assets and liabilities; payments and receipts, product development to delivery. It also combines inventory and dead stock, procuring, storage, distribution, accounting, finance and HR. All this needs to be on the fingertips of those managing the business. It has become a must in fast moving world and it enhances the efficiency and productivity of the managers.

Thus, ERP is a business management strategy in the form of software or an integrated IT enabled system with appropriate applications that allows an organization to manage the business efficiently. A good ERP software integrates all applications required for facilitating all operations of an enterprise.

Shivaasha’s ERP Packages

Our ERP solutions consist of customized modules that an enterprise may need. We work with the enterprise to create a dedicated software or module which is targeted for that enterprise. We also provide the applications to capture the business feedback and intelligence to meet the consistent demands of the customers and challenges of the market. Our call center and in-house developed remote services are quite efficient in supplementing our ERP and CRM packages.

Thus, we incorporate the CRM solutions and Business Intelligence Solutions with ERP because it is finally the customer and the market who is the king and to know the market choice is Business Intelligence. We assure a smooth flow of information, intelligence and data throughout the enterprise at all times and at all locations.

These are Shivaasha’s Technology solutions to your efficiency barriers...