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BPO & KPO Services

Our BPO & KPO Services:

Our state-of-the-art call center is just an enabler. Our real strength lies in our talented people with domain knowledge and innovative temperament. Through them, we advise, devise and implement process re-engineering and smart innovations for your dynamic business requirements. All this is aimed at making you leader in your business field; to maximize the revenues and minimize the costs. And moreover, to remove the bottlenecks and redundancies.

We offer a complete range of process re-engineering, business development and management services including the CRM & ERP. By outsourcing your business and knowledge processes to us, you not only get an instant edge in business but you invest in technology for a lasting value-add in your business.

SKILL is just a window to all that we do…

Indian expertise in global Business and Knowledge outsourcing services has been proved for more than a decade now. Its well trained, disciplined and yet cost-effective work force has left all other countries behind. Moreover, the capacity of the work force to work in a multi-lingual environment with cross-cultural clients has been a big strength. On the top of everything the capacity to learn, innovate, adopt and adapt to new ideas and technologies is unparalleled here. Shivaasha’s BPO & KPO services provide the best of Indian experience. Moreover, our experts deliver an experience which is much more than a technical solution. What they offer is lasting processes by doing the techno-process evaluation and re-engineering.

BPO- Business Processes Outsourcing:

At the very root of Business Process Outsourcing is the cost-consideration which directly affects the top and bottom-lines. That the costs are reduced while outsourcing to India is a well know story by now. What more Shivaasha does is the key issue here. Shivaasha not only works to save your costs; it does it in a manner that gives more value to the processes. So, the net benefit is much more than just cost-reduction in your operations.

Our small interventions make a big difference:

We Offer :

  • Addressing your specific requirements from business intelligence and conception to execution
  • Background study and collection of materials for strategic decisions
  • Identification of projects, locations, partners, franchisees, warehouses, marketing and distribution networks
  • Regulatory paperwork: for statutory permissions & clearances.
  • Financing options, prevailing financial scenario & forecasts.
  • Marketing & branding preparation: presentation & media materials.
  • Market feedback, customer satisfaction & brand equity studies & surveys..
  • Customer awareness and competitors’ information
  • Contacts & campaigns through e-mail, mobile phones & other mediums.
  • All aspect of Customer Relationship Management.
  • All aspects of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

You may safely outsource all this to us and enjoy the edge…

KPO-Knowledge Processes Outsourcing:

At the higher end of our Shivaasha's Back Office Process (BPO) operations, we also provide the KPO services. Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) has also emerged as India's strength in ITES. Ahmedabad city of Gujarat has now emerged as a major centre of IT, BPO & KPO services in India.

We provide the following KPO services

  • Content Development & Management
  • Web Content Writing
  • Data & Statistical Analysis
  • Policy & Regulatory Advice
  • Legal Advisory & Assistance
  • Marketing & Publicity Materials
  • Market Research Articles
  • Industry & Sector Insights

Content Development & Management

We have a pool of talented people. This also includes people experienced in various walks of life including particularly the new technology, trade & commerce, industry & infrastructure, legal and media

In addition, we have tie up with a number of experts, analysts copywriters and advisors for all fields.

We boast of the best content writing skills in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We offer the most reliable and cost effective solution for your content sourcing. Whatever we provide to you will carefully be vetted through copywriting skills as per global best practices.

We can also organize, edit and simplify your documents and provide you not only a meaningful but a praiseworthy piece of document.

Web Content Writing & Management

In addition to our Web Development & Management Services, we also expertise in content writing for websites and portals. Web content writing is an uphill task and needs deep understanding of all the aspects which a website is trying to present

Web content writing is also critical from the point of view of search engine requirements and optimization. Moreover, the SEO enhancement techniques require regular content upgradation to rank your site high.

Data & Statistical Analysis

Having lots of data is not enough. It needs to organized, interpreted and analyzed to make it usable in a meaningful manner. Our analysts are masters in this task.

Policy & Regulatory Advice

Interpretation of policies and Laws of a particular country, region or local government is a very sensitive and critical matter. Our experts have a deep understanding and bent of mind to do this exercise in a reliable manner.

Legal Advisory & Assistance

Legal advisory is one of our strengths. We boast of the experience and understanding of the legal experts with whom we have tie-ups.

Marketing & Publicity Materials

We advise and design marketing and presentation materials which give you an instant edge in your business.

We also design training materials, product manuals, help desk manuals, Online help systems, FAQs, etc for online or offline requirements.

Market Research Articles

In this global market, it is necessary to understand from others what we don't know. Understanding of local as well as outside markets gives you the confidence in your operations. We assure you of our understanding of most of the markets of the world. You may rely on our useful tips, ideas and articles regarding doing business in any corner of the world.

Industry & Sector Insights

Our experts have had long experience in business and industry. Most of them have exposure in a number of sectors. Moreover, we have tie-up to get from outside whatever we do not have in-house. We assure you that you will have the best experience in interacting with us. We also assure you of the best results in working on the basis of inputs that we provide.

Rely upon us.

We know how to make knowledge your real power…