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Our Integrated Technology Solutions

Mobile Technologies: Mobile Phones replaced several equipments and devices which were used for a century. The same holds true for India as it is true for any other country. This gave enormous business to the IT and ICT companies in India. Gujarat State has one of the highest tele-density of mobile users in India. As an IT company of Gujarat-India, Shivaasha understands this business very well. Shivaasha is one of the premier mobile apps companies of India.

Now, its the time of Smart phones. They are going to be the most commonly used devices world over. That will require more and more apps—which offers huge business opportunity and of course lots of money. It is simple guess that the Smart phone users will spend lot of money on mobile apps downloads.

With Mobile Technologies & Applications Be Playful !Play and play. Just with your mobile and our imaginative apps. Cheerfulness and playfulness are not away. It’s in your hands. It’s on your table. It’s around you!

Keep track of your customers!Your customers are just a mobile app away. You may keep track of your valued customers. You can offer your valuable offers. Offer the discounts. And enhance your business. Shivaasha, an IT company based in the business state of India which is Gujarat, has full understanding of the issues related with the customer satisfaction, their feedback and their tracking.

Know your city!You don’t need to worry any longer. The city is no longer a novelty. It’s moving with you. The city is with you. You are with the city with right Mobile Applications.

Understand the world better!Knowledge is power. Mobile Applications enhance your knowledge. Be and feel powerful with the knowledge about the world and everything it is made of. Feel your surroundings; feel your environment.

With Our Mobile Technologies & Applications:It’s a new era opening. With Mobile Technologies & Applications and smart phones. Shivaasha takes this technology to you in a manner in which you and the whole world understand.
A new era for mobile users. A new era for the Mobile Apps. A new era for developers and businesses.

Web Technologies

We design and develop customized, user friendly and yet complex web-based communication systems for your online presence. From organizational portals to personalized websites-it is our passion to innovate and give you something which makes you feel different; makes you feel proud. Our web-Services and SEO-Inputs & Tips work wonderfully to enhance your online presence.

Customize your presence on the WebPersonalize your presence on the WebMaximize your presence on the Web

Information Management Technologies

· The clutter of information, which arises in your day to day business, needs to be organized- IT helps you a lot here.
· The information which is available in various modes, needs to be digitized. IT Tools make you effective.
· The information which is mundane, needs to be analyzed. IT tools help you do it fast.
· This information is precious and needs to be safely stored and carefully conserved. Here, IT has no alternative now.

Shivaasha’s Information Management Technologies, particularly the Document Management Services (DMS) help you do it the best way.We further add value through our technological innovations customized for your operations and which enhance your efficiency and profitability.

Business Management Technologies

Our IT industry expertise includes understanding the market potential, challenges and management requirement for various businesses and dig out technology based solutions for your market edge. Shivaasha, is not only an IT company but it is fully immersed in the business processes. It knows what does it mean to manage a business and what are the sensitivities. As an IT & ITES company, it applies the ICT tools to analyze those sensitivities and bring out better results.

With our ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence solutions, we help companies, enterprises and organizations to enhance their efficiency, effectiveness, profitability and customer satisfaction. We achieve this through technology intervention and process re-engineering. This results in optimum use of the resources, cutting costs and reducing redundancies and wastages.

Software Development through Innovative Technologies

· Not everything is available in the market.
· There is something special to your business, passion and life.
· This needs to be processed and refined to your satisfaction. IT and its Tools help us a lot to do so.
· India is by now known as an IT, ICT & Software Hub of the World. Shivaasha is part of this legacy of India.
· We design our software not only with our IT skills, but with lot of passion and pride and implement them with intelligence and ingenuity.

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